Scholastic Warehouse Sale


There is a very special time that comes but twice a year. A magical time full of joy and anticipation. I am speaking, of course, of the biannual Scholastic Warehouse Sales. If you have never been to one, you are clearly missing out on heaven.

My first experience with a warehouse sale was at an actual warehouse in Throop, PA, very close to my college, while I was student teaching. The warehouse is in an area known as Keystone Industrial Park, so there’s very little around, aside from warehouses. We walked in, a little nervous, given the surroundings, and it was floor to zillion-feet-high ceiling BOOKS. A glorious, glorious sight. Mystified, I spent about an hour pouring books into my cart. I arrived back at my apartment, giddy at my haul and immediately started going through my purchases, shelving books for my someday classroom.

Since then, I’ve missed maybe two sales, though I have yet to return to a warehouse. Many of the sales are like giant book fairs at convention centers. On Monday I drove out to Oaks for the sale and I will say it is just as giddy as the first time.

One great thing about the sales is the build-a-box section. You can only pull from that area, but for $24.99, you can fill a box! The first time I went, I picked up a Disney cookbook, regularly priced $30, so you can see how the box paid for itself! What I’ve been doing each time I go is using the build-a-box to stock my literature circle books. I buy multiple copies of books that are suited for 5th grade and I’ve got quite a few literature circle selections for my classroom.

They have more than just kids books! (Though that is the majority of the selection). There are posters, pens & stickers & miscellany, cookbooks, activity books, and even adult best sellers! I picked up Sarah’s Key and the Paris Wife in this most recent adventure.

My favorite part, being the book-nerd that I am, is to take out all of the books when I get home (from both the build-a-box and the shelves) and add up the list prices to see just how much I saved. It is really ridiculous how exhilarating it is.

So, here’s the fruits of my recent haul:
Total: $156.00
Less coupon ($25 off for orders over $100 for registering for fast pass): $131.00
Total retail value of all books: $540.00
Savings: $409
Estimated value of build-a-box (too tired at this point to do actual computation): ~$280.00

You can see at once why I look forward to this day twice a year! Although my family still asks, “do you really need more books?” They know the answer is always yes! A large portion of this sale goes to school to stock my library, but there are quite a few that stay at home for me to enjoy.

Have you ever been to a Scholastic Warehouse sale? What’s your favorite way to buy books? Do you love Scholastic just as much as I do?


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